X-Trade Brokers may 2016 on the WSE

X-Trade Brokers, the largest brokerage firm in Poland which market derivatives, in May 2016 debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. In its strategy, the X-Trade Brokers plans

acquisitions in the global market brokerage -poinformował CEO Jakub Maly. X-Trade Brokers also expected to maintain a high rate of growth of the customer base and the margins of lots.
“Taking into account the expansion of the consolidation processes. Potential acquisitions would have to acquire a healthy client base or well-known brand. With the economic sense of transactions every goal regardless of location, will be considered” – Maly said during a press conference on the company’s IPO.
Jakub Zabłocki – the founder, main shareholder and the selling shareholder stake in the offer – he added that he believes the consolidation of brokers even in Europe, and the status of the stock exchange will give the X-Trade Brokers better negotiating position in the process of consolidation. Prior to X-Trade Brokers made an offer on the Alpari – British broker that has become illiquid because he had to take on the loss of customers during the fateful day CHF strengthening in January 2015 year.
X-Trade Brokers hopes to maintain high growth clients in the markets in which the broker is present (last year’s base increased by approx. 23% y / y to over 15 thousand. Active accounts).
“We intensive marketing, including initiatives to retail customers, such as social activities, education. As a result, we note an increase in turnover, to maintain existing customers and steady influx of new while maintaining a margin of lota stable” – he said Maly.
“Depending on the introduction of legislation enabling its brokerage operations, like ours, we will come to other countries in Latin and South Americas,” – said the president of X-Trade Brokers.
Broker aims to achieve a number of customers in this region of the globe to 25% of the total customer base over the years 3.
The maximum price of shares in the offer, X-Trade Brokers Dom Maklerski was set at 13 zł per share.
The public offering is not more than 16,433 million shares of X-Trade Brokers DM, representing no more than 14% of the capital and sold by XXZW Investment Group began today in the publication of the prospectus.
The company said it intends to apply for admission and introduction of all 117 383 635 series ordinary registered shares with a nominal value 0,05 zł (which at the moment of dematerialization will become ordinary bearer shares) to trading on the regulated market operated by the WSE.
Individual investors will be able to subscribe for the shares offered in 18-25 days of April. On the date of the prospectus intention is to offer the shareholder seller about individual investors. 10-15% of the number of shares offered. After completion of the bookbuilding process 26 April, institutional investors will be able to subscribe on-27 28 of April. The final price will be determined after the bookbuilding process, ie. On April 26. About 6 May is scheduled first day of listing on the WSE.
XTB Group is a European brokerage house specializing in financial instruments traded on the OTC market and the stock market. Since 2002 been operating on foreign markets, where it offers customers a technologically advanced transactional applications. It is licensed in more than 10 European countries.


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