How to obtain a customer?

Before every business, company and even a single person, when you decide to sell a service or product, this is one of the most important questions. The proper answer to them determines the future of the whole business. It sounds like: how to get a client who benefits from the service we offer and will decide to leave his money in our company, not in one of the hundreds of others on the market in the same industry? How to get a client who is flooded with offers and ads from every side?


The method of acquiring customers is currently used a lot, so you can successfully choose the ones that best suit your business. However, it should be remembered that at present, our presence on the Internet is the basis. If we do not exist in the network, we definitely lower our chances of acquiring new customers. That is why it is so important to ensure that our company has a properly made and professional website that will encourage customers to stay on it longer and get acquainted with the proposed offer. It must also contain all the necessary information about our business, such as contact and brief information about who we are and what we do. One of the effective and user-friendly systems that enable running and changing the look of the website is available to anyone free of charge WordPress. It’s worth remembering when we decide to create your place on the web.

The website, in addition to the look, is also the sum of other activities that aim to make it well visible in the search engine. Here comes the help with SEO, or processes, aimed at promoting the website in the rankings of search engines. They are also called positioning. One of the inherent parts of positioning are unique content. This means that all the texts that we publish on our website must be created by ourselves and contain keywords that make it easy to find such a text on the Internet by entering relevant terms in the search engine.

A well-positioned, search engine-visible site is one of the methods of acquiring new customers. When we are visible in the network, we are therefore present in the consciousness of recipients who can become our clients.


What are the ways to get business customers? It can be a proper presentation of the product, which will make the article or service gain the attention of the customer, explain what benefits our customer will get in investing in our offer and make him engage emotionally when contacting the product. Because this is the first moment of contact with the client, remember to make the right impression on him, so that our offer will remain in his memory for a long time. Therefore, the presentation must be engaging, visually appealing and eye-catching. Then we can be sure that the customer will find us on the net or maybe he will be willing to spend his money right away. It should be remembered that it would be best to reach decision-makers with a budget.


It is also worth remembering to identify target customers and apply marketing segmentation. It involves the separation of increasingly smaller and more specific groups of clients to which we want to reach. In order to build a relationship with our target customer one should first of all understand its needs, determine financial possibilities, determine whether it will be a single consumer or the whole company. Information such as gender, age, origin and economic criteria (for example, occupation) will also be useful. To identify the customer well, you should also know your product very well.


The next important step is to plan a marketing campaign that will attract the attention of potential recipients. It should be created with a specific client in mind, so that it directly reaches the target group that may be interested in the product or service. There is no point in wasting time and money on recipients who are not our target. Useful here will be the concept of persona – detail of a specific customer profile, who will help us to hit our product to the appropriate group. A well-constructed and defined persona is the basis of success during the creation of the campaign, and thus – the acquisition of a new business client. It is important to provide important and interesting information.


Wondering how to get a client, in addition to useful methods and ways, it is also worth remembering the problems that our company may encounter and in general people who want to win new customers, because this can often prevent us from committing them.

The biggest obstacle is the lack of funds for promotion, so if we do not have the funds allocated for it, it is worth being interested in a loan or a loan for this purpose. We may also be harmed by bad positioning, so choose a SEO company carefully and carefully. Competition that advertises more intensely and interestingly than we can also be a hindrance. A serious situation is also the lack of interest from potential customers, which may be the result of poor marketing, positioning or an unattractive website or a missed idea for a product or service.

In the case of foreign companies that want to enter the Polish market (and vice versa) and here to acquire new customers, the problem may also be language and lack of freedom to navigate in Polish legislation and banking. In this case, our company 4bizz2.bizz can help, because our services include obtaining loans, credits or financing

The portal is also involved in preparing sales presentations in the language of the portal and sending them to clients and organizing meetings with contractors, which also helps to gain new customers for business and facilitates the operations of companies that want to start selling on markets outside of Poland. Our company proposes to organize a minimum of three meetings with a contractor. This ensures direct contact with him, which is extremely important during the process of obtaining it and persuading money to invest that particular service. We agree on all deadlines and contact the contractor by phone, which we can choose from our database. Preparing for such a meeting, we first use a handy questionnaire, which will allow us to determine what sector of services we are dealing with (IT, fashion, real estate, etc.). The customer must provide us with all necessary information on an ongoing basis. We also try to determine what expectations for this meeting both our recipient and his potential contractor have. During the meeting you can present a previously prepared product presentation. Our duties may also include a translation during the meeting, of course if the client needs it. Additional costs such as accommodation or travel are charged separately.

Professional service is therefore a decisive facilitation in all sales activities and it is always worth remembering, especially if you are just starting to run your business and we want to win customers who will stay with us for a long time.

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