Increase in the minimum wage in Poland

Starting from January 1st, 2020, the minimum wage in Poland increases. The smallest salaries amounted to 2,600 PLN (1,878 per hand), and the hourly rate in contracts for services and provision of services 17 PLN (net 11). It’s not everything. An internship allowance has been excluded from the minimum wage. Until now, only the overtime allowance, jubilee award and retirement and disability severance pay were excluded – the internship allowance will also be added to this list.
Importantly, the contract of mandate or provision of services does not have to have an hourly rate, payment can be set in amounts. However, the contractor or service provider has the right to check whether the amount received divided by the number of hours is not lower than the guaranteed minimum rate. The customer who underestimates her is subject to a fine of 1,000 to 30,000 PLN.


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