Type A work permit

Type A work permit

A type A permit is issued to a foreigner working in the territory of Poland, on the basis of an agreement with an entity (employer) whose seat, place of residence or branch, plant or other form of organized activity is located in Poland.

Conditions for obtaining a type A permit

  • the amount of remuneration, which will be specified in the contract with the foreigner, may not be lower than the remuneration of employees performing work of a comparable type or in a comparable position
  • the amount of the foreigner’s monthly remuneration may not be lower than the amount of the minimum remuneration for work
  • the employer must have a certificate from the foreman that it is impossible to meet the employer’s staffing needs based on the registers of the unemployed and jobseekers

For how long are type A permits issued

A type A work permit is always issued for a specified period of time, not longer than 3 years. Authorizations may be renewed. The application for the permit extension is submitted by the employer no earlier than 90 and no later than 30 days before the expiry of the permit. The voivode may shorten the period for which type A work permits are issued in a given voivodeship. The length of validity of the work permit may vary depending on where it was issued.

How long does it take for an A permit to receve it

There is no specific deadline for submitting the application, but the procedure for issuing a work permit may take anywhere from up to six months. Remember that these deadlines are counted from the date of submitting a complete and formally correct application.

The application should be submitted to:

  • voivode competent for your seat or place of residence
  • Mazowieckie Voivode, when the specificity of the foreigner’s work does not allow for the indication of the main place of its performance

The costs of submitting an application for a type A work permit

  • 50 PLN – fee for issuing a permit for up to 3 months.
  • 100PLN – fee for issuing a permit for more than 3 months.

The fee should be paid to the account of the voivodeship office to which the application is submitted.

IMPORTANT! An application for a type A work permit should be submitted at the time of agreeing employment with a potential employer.

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